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Sue with grandson Charlie

Wandleys Lane in West Sussex runs from Fontwell Avenue towards the village of Walberton.  British History Online mentions that, in 1724, it formed part of a suggested route between Pagham and Arundel, though it did not acquire its modern straight course (this must refer to the eastern end – the western end of the lane is a series of exciting curves) until the enclosure of Eastergate Common in 1779.  It is an old road.  And it has remained a country lane, though under increasing pressure as the number of people living in the area keeps increasing;  narrow, green, winding at its eastern end, well-used by walkers and wildlife and horses.  This is where we live.  Welcome to the website of Hamish and Sue McNaughton.



In these pages you will find some of the things that interest us ~ changeringing … the local cribbage league, in which we play for local pub the Wilkes Head (the team had to find a new home after the Labour in Vain, of fond memory, changed hands;  it is now a restaurant called The Island) … our cat, the beautiful and bad Ziggy Stardust …

Ziggy Stardust


‘Sir Nigel Gresley’ on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway

… and, of course, railway history and steam locomotives.

There is a tradition that Englishwomen are devoted to The Horse. Sue happily follows this tradition, but with the variation that her enthusiasm is for the iron horse, the steam locomotive. She is a member of The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Preservation Trust Ltd (previously the A4 Locomotive Society Ltd), which owns and runs the A4 Pacific named in honour of its designer, Sir Nigel Gresley;  The Gresley Society, a group which studies and seeks to preserve Sir Nigel’s work;  and the Mid-Hants Railway Preservation Society, which supports heritage line the Mid-Hants Railway (also known as the Watercress Line).  She also runs the information website Gresley On Line.

There is more information about Sir Nigel Gresley and his locomotives on other Wandleys pages ~ via the Links page.


We hope you enjoy these pages. If you would like to write to us, e-mail us at:- Sue@wandleys.demon.co.uk

April 2008 ~ This website is in the middle of major refurbishment – apologies for any messy bits!


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