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The Labour in Vain, Westergate, West Sussex

Playing in

The Thursday Cribbage League

On Thursday evenings, between September and May, teams from sixteen pubs and social clubs in the southwest corner of Sussex compete at Cribbage.

The main competition is run on a league basis. There is also a team knock-out competition, plus singles and pairs competitions in which individuals and pairs compete within their own pub, with the champions from each pub meeting for a knock-out competition at the end of the season.


News Report   ~   latest match score, report from the latest Pub News Sheet, details of next matches.  (27-02-04)

The Season So Far   ~   digest of previous match reports.  (27-02-04)

Last Season   ~   the complete story of the Labour in Vain's 2002~2003 campaign, with final League Table.  (08-09-02)

League Table   ~   latest table, prepared by League Secretary Mike Millis.  (27-02-04) 

The Wooden Spoon ~ "won" by the Labour in Vain in 2000~2001.  Read about this historic trophy.

Archive ~ the story of earlier seasons.  (08-09-03)

Cribbage Links   (24-01-00)

The Pub Sign Project  ~  Moves are afoot to change the Labour in Vain pub sign (and the peasants are revolting!)   The campaigners to change the sign present their case.

The Labour in Vain, Westergate  ~  Best Food on the Island!


Team members Hamish and Aus at the team barbecue, 03-09-00


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